Stratic Global Sourcing group provides high valued parts from global supply chains.

Our people have over 20 years experience in global supply chains.


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What We Do

We partner with manufacturing firms that want to maximize opportunities with reliable sourcing solutions. We are Stratic Global Sourcing, a global sourcing partner that combines logistics, manufacturing, and sourcing expertise with a holistic network of needs-based solutions.

Why Us?

We are a solutions-oriented supplier:

A sample of solutions we provide to our customers…

  • Reduce total cost
  • Exit China
  • Improve delivery
  • Locate raw materials (metal)
  • Address labor constraints
  • Manage assembly
  • Expand capacity

What’s Our Process?

Our holistic, 11-point process ensures we provide customers with the ideal solutions for their current and future needs:

  • We build relationships before all else
  • We listen to understand our customer’s problem
  • We receive the RFQ ┬átailoring our approach to your needs
  • We review the prints and evaluate different methods of manufacturing
  • We consult with the customer on these methods and get alignment
  • We then go to specific suppliers that are pre-vetted and risk-balanced to get our quotes. We bid projects out to only pre-approved vendors with a rigorous qualification process in a secure NOA environment
  • We receive the bids and look at the best value and fit, not just cost
  • We take the best fit (quality, cost, delivery, ranking of the supplier) and convert their offering to a quote
  • We present the quote solution ┬áto our customer
  • Upon award, we start our AQPQ process (A very detailed quality focus launch methodology)
  • We execute a safe launch (a hyper-focused quality enhanced start of production)

    Upon completion, we audit every load at the supplier and in the USA.

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    Trailer and Truck:

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    Agricultural, Construction Industrial:

    Michael Musleh
    Vice President Strategic Business Development
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    John Grabner
    Sales Represenative
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